HeyTerm is an infrastructure management software designed for the sysadmins responsible for the infrastructure of an enterprise. It provides features such as organization and members management, assets management, web terminal, and security audit, etc.

HeyTerms desires to free sysadmins from traditional infrastructure management procedures. Instead of the plain text and tables, HeyTerm wants to make it work with visualization, DevOps automation and focuses more on efficiency and security.

How it works

HeyTerm runs SSH/RDP/Telnet/VNC through the HTML5 based browser without requiring client software or browser plugins.

It works like a jump server as show in the image:

How it works

Any action you execute in the terminal will be forwarded to the destination device, and the corresponding response from the destination device will be sent back to your local web page as well.



With HeyTerm, you can manage your infrastructure assets in a single web browser, such as login credentials, IP address, server location, etc.

It will effectively visualize and visualize the previously boring textual and tabular DCIM work, improve management efficiency, and reduce erroneous operations.


HeyTerm runs SSH/RDP/Telnet/VNC through the HTML5 based browser without requiring client software or browser plugins. Lightning-fast speed makes no difference with client software.

This means you can access your infrastructure assets from anywhere, anytime, any device, with no risk of leaking the data.


HeyTerm provides multiple locations for users from all over the world, choose the location you prefer to connect to your infrastructure assets, with the best network performance.


HeyTerm is still a work in progress. There are a few things that it currently does not support but are planned:

  • Uptime monitoring
  • File transfer between local and remote assets
  • Self-hosted version
  • DevOps & Automation

You are more than welcome to send us your features requests and feedbacks, we will listen to your voice and improve day by day.

Why not...?

JumpServer / Ezeelogin

JumpServer / Ezeelogin are capable of doing what HeyTerm does, but they are both designed to be Bastion Host solution. HeyTerm is focused on the future trends of DevOps & automation, and it provides more detailed DCIM features.


Being participants of EasyDCIM in early stages, we know its advantages and features - in fact, we are still using it in some of our side-projects, but it's more focused on DCIM and it does not work for every common company. HeyTerm hopes to be a common product adopted by mass companies and widely used in daily work.

Apache Guacamole

Apache Guacamole gave us inspiration at some points - as a well-known clientless remote desktop gateway, it supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH. However, it's relatively cumbersome and time-consuming to deploy, and the front-end interface is not user-friendly. HeyTerm wants to simplify the deployment and integration process as much as possible, it's there when you need it.